Review of Vancouver SEO Company Coronation Internet Marketing

There are millions of businesses in every city. This means that despite provide exceptional services and differentiating your business from competitors, you require top-notch marketing and advertising to survive. With the increasing popularity of social media as a tool to find services and products, every business needs to have sufficient presence in this space. One of the best ways to stand out is to let professionals handle your SEO and marketing. Coronation Internet Marketing Company in Vancouver has helped my business stand out, and ultimately, we have realized unprecedented growth in the past year.

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Coronation Internet Marketing Ltd.

2071 Kingsway Ave #204, Port Coquitlam, BC V3C 6N2

Tailored services

When it comes to social media marketing, development of websites and other forms of marketing, what works for one company may not necessarily work for the other especially if they are in different industries, different growth stages, have different styles of management and serve different market and client segments. This is what makes it necessary to tailor the website and marketing collateral to the market and client segments. When I started working with Coronation Internet Marketing, they sought to understand my business, our specific objectives and why we needed to develop the website as well as engage in other forms of internet marketing. They then came up with a detailed and unique plan on how they would develop the website and other internet marketing content for my business. In my opinion, this has contributed highly to the success we have experienced lately.

Engaged Employees

The development of the website and opening different social media pages cannot work if the employees especially those in the marketing and sales department are not engaged. With Coronation Internet Marketing in Vancouver, all employees in the sales team were engaged throughout the process to ensure that they not only know how to operate the website and social media pages but also to ensure that they learn the best approaches, how to develop great content and how to ensure that clients are constantly engaged. This also ensured that after the team from Coronation left, the internal staff had the skills to take over without compromising our clients’ experience.

Search Engine Optimization

Due to the number of new companies and service providers coming up in our sector with each passing day, it is essential for our website to be constantly optimized to enhance top ranking throughout. The team at Coronation taught my staff how to ensure that our website remained the top listing on all major search engines including Google. Remember that SEO rules and practices are constantly changing and therefore, they advised that the team responsible for SEO be regularly trained to ensure their skills are up to date.

Knowledgeable and experienced team

From the first meeting, it was easy to tell that we had made the right choice. The team from Coronation was not only knowledgeable, but they had a great experience. This played a great role in ensuring that the work provided was of high quality and that the timelines we had discussed were honored. The team has experience in strategic marketing, sales, internet marketing, web design and development, search engine optimization, maintenance of websites and social media pages and many more. Combined, the team is a powerful force that cannot be ignored in Vancouver.


Part of the reason we contracted the team from Coronation to develop our website and optimize it is the high level of professionalism we had seen from our short interactions with them. This continued even after the work began. They treated all our employees with respect and professionalism even when it took longer to understand some technical aspects. This high level of professionalism is not only rare, but it also endeared them to us. In future, if we need any help with our website, SEO, internet marketing and other related things, we will definitely ask Coronation to help us.

Diverse advice

There is a crop of companies who claim to do SEO yet they do not have the expertise to do so. Therefore, when you hire them, they end up outsourcing the work to another company, mostly a cheaper one. This means that your work will be done by a company that you had not vetted and therefore quality cannot be guaranteed. Coronation Internet Marketing ensures that you have all the information to make viable decisions. They also provide you with information on how to choose the best service provider for different things. They genuinely care about your wellbeing and the success of your company and therefore, they will not only perform the duties themselves but also ensure that you have the information to avoid dubious service providers.