My Trip to BC Eagle Island Lake Resort: A Vacation Review

Today, I’ll be reviewing my trip to Eagle Island Resort on the beautiful Lac Des Roches in BC.  First, here’s their location:

Eagle Island Resort
4950 Little Fort Hwy, Bridge Lake, BC V0K 1E0
+1 888-201-0032

It has been a while since my family took a vacation and we wanted to make it special. So we went on a spree to search for the best location for our well-deserved vacation. We researched online, asked our friends to recommend different areas and compared our research with their recommendations to select the best location. This is how we ended up at Eagle Island Lake Resort. The experience was amazing and visiting Eagle Island Lake Resort was the best decision.

The Lake

Sitting on around 1624 acres is a 9km long lake that is home to the freshwater Lingcod and Rainbows. The lake bed houses sunken islands and numerous weed beds. In June, the Lake is known for its Mayfly Hatch. The lake is ideal for canoeing and fly fishing especially with the speed controls towards the western end of the beautiful lake. The sandy beaches allow for different activities.

RV Camping

Nothing beats the RV camping ground at Eagle Island Lake Resort. The Lakefront camping grounds have a breath-taking view of the lake that we could stare at for hours on end. In addition to this, the facilities at the campgrounds are not only of high quality, but they also complement the scenery in a beautiful blend of nature and manmade facilities. If you are wondering what am talking about, you need to visit the resort for an unforgettable experience.

The camping grounds are is very spacious which allowed us to enjoy our time without intruding on other people’s space and activities. The playground gave room for the kids to have fun, make new friends and learn from each other. For those who would like to try out the cabins, they are extremely comfortable, and with the presence of hot showers in the new washrooms, camping cannot get any better. There are swimming areas that are not the only family friendly but also safe for people of all ages and swimming expertise. It was great to learn that the campsite is open all year.


If you fancy fishing, this resort is your best bet. The resort provides different equipment for hire. From boats to fishing rods, canoes or even peddle boats; you have so many options at your disposal. However, it is up to you to ensure that you have a fishing license and that you comply with all the Canadian Boat Operator Regulations. This applies both to those who brought their own fishing equipment and vessels and those who are operating hired equipment and vessels. We had an interesting fishing trip.

Other Water activities

For those who may not be fond of fishing, there plenty of other water activities you could engage in. Kayaking and white water rafting are some of the activities that you could engage in. The kids had a lot of fun on the water trampoline where they got to play and make new friends. In the afternoon, we had a long and fun swim and later, lay on the shores of the lake soaking in the sun and telling stories.

Away from the water

While we spent a considerable amount of time in and around the lake, we also got a chance to engage in activities that have nothing to do with water. The resort has interesting hiking trails that both challenged our fitness and gave us a memorable experience. We also got to take a drive through the scenic area and afterward played a little amateur golf. We also went horse-back riding which scared the kids at first, but on seeing how friendly the horses were and how much fun we were having, they gladly joined in on the ride.


One afternoon, we went browsing the stores nearby. We sampled different types of food from the food stores and got to learn a few things about the culture of the nearby communities. Although we were not looking for anything in particular, we managed to buy our friends and family members a few gifts from the gift shops and the outdoor stores. We also got a few bottles of alcohol from the liquor store for our little evening party.

Staff members

Friendly, helpful and caring are some of the words I would use to describe the people who run the resort. They ensured that we were comfortable and that we got help when we needed it. They explained everything carefully and with a lot of patience especially in situations when we didn’t seem to understand after the first attempt. By the end of our short vacation, we had become friends. They were fundamental in making our trip memorable.

The scenery, the facilities, the members of staff and the equipment will enhance your vacation, but you are the only one who has the power to make your trip interesting and memorable. The Eagle Island Lake Resort part have done their part; you need to do your part too. Have an interesting stay at the resort, won’t you?

I can’t recommend Eagle Island Resort more for an awesome family experience. If you’re in the market for a cheap vacation, you should check their rates out at I’m sure you will find them affordable and high-quality.