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Many workers in high-risk professions assume that if they are injured in the workplace, the insurance claims and compensation packages kick in without much effort on their part. Some employees even have the impression that the employer will fight for them in cases where the insurance company is reluctant to do the right thing.

Well, I had this impression too until I was injured in the course of carrying out my professional duties. This was when I discovered that what you have on paper is entirely different from what happens in practice when workplace injuries occur. Fortunately, I was able to find a great personal injury lawyer that came to my rescue and helped me get the compensation package I deserve. Below is a graphic account of my personal injury experience and an objective review of Tim Louis, personal injury lawyer, Vancouver.

The Accident

I work in a soft drink manufacturing company, and my job is to move crates of soft drinks from the plant to the store’s department. I am a qualified forklift driver, and I have been doing this job for the past five years. I consider myself a safe and careful driver because in five years on this job, I have never been involved in an accident. A few months back, I was loading crates of soft drinks in the store when an accident occurred. I had just started my shift and was stacking crates of soft drinks in the right places as I usually do. Without warning, some crates piled high in a corner close to me started falling from where they were packed. I tried to protect myself, but I was too late. A few crates crashed into my shoulder and upper back areas. It would have been worse if I had not acted fast. I was already taking evasive action and this why I did not bear the full brunt of the falling crates. Unfortunately, I received severe injuries in spite of my efforts to escape from the falling crates. I had a fractured shoulder, two cracked ribs, and bruises all over my back. The injuries were not life-threatening but they affected my mobility, and I was in severe pain for weeks.

Treatment and Rehabilitation

I was admitted to a hospital where the doctors and nurses worked very hard to save me from permanent disability. Naturally, my medical insurance company paid the bill, so there was no problem here. I was discharged from the hospital, and I was given time off work so that I could make a complete recovery. I got back work, and this was when the trouble began.

Passing the Buck

I knew I was due for personal injury compensation, but I did not know all the details of the process. I had the impression that my employers would pay compensation, but my employers stated it was the duty of the insurance company to settle my claims. I applied to the insurance firm, but they told me to take up the matter with my employer. After a few days of this buck-passing, my friend spoke highly about Tim Louis, the personal injury lawyer. I called this lawyer immediately, and he gave me an appointment. The next day, I went to his office and told him all about the accident and he attitude of my employer and insurer. Tim Louis listened patiently, took notes and asked me a few questions.

Litigation and Settlement

Tim Louis told me I had good a case and that he was going to fight for me to get justice. Within a few days, he sued both my employer and my insurer in a court of competent jurisdiction in Vancouver. My lawyer was able to establish that both my employer and the insurance company were liable to pay me compensation. Eventually, the insurance company and my employer negotiated with the lawyer to pay me a hefty compensation package. Both firms (the insurance company and my employer) opted for an out-of-court settlement because they knew they would lose in court.

Final Word

I got the compensation I deserved because I had Tim Louis fighting for me. This legal expert is a top personal injury lawyer, and I recommend him to clients and prospective clients in Vancouver.

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