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Mold removal is of vital importance to your health and the health of your family. In Edmonton, many homeowners are unaware of mold buildup and accumulation in attics, basements, and other dark areas of their homes where it can grow and thrive. When left untreated, mold can cause serious health problems and even death. Some time ago, I had discovered that my Edmonton home was infected with mold, and what I had put off as colds, flu and allergies were symptoms of a much more significant problem.

How Safety Coordination Helped To Save My Home And Family

I don’t know how long we had been living with the mold that had been n growing in the basement and other parts of our home as well, but as soon as Safety Coordination Services performed thorough and accurate mold inspection, I knew that I had made the right decision and taken the first step to solving my mold and health problems. Safety Coordination Services or SCS sent a certified and professional hygienist to assess my home for the usual causes of mold. This assessment included checking the home’s physical structure for sources of moisture, fungal growth and providing fungal remediation solutions.

Why Mold Is So Dangerous

Not only can mold make breathing difficult, especially for those with asthma and other breathing conditions, it also causes nasal congestions, wheezing, and coughing in healthy adults and children as well. Many times these symptoms are ignored as colds or flu, and the home is left untreated. Over long periods of time, the mod will continue to grow the symptoms grow worse among those living in the home. Respiratory illness can occur in children and adults from continued exposure to mold spores. In some cases, death can occur in infants and the elderly.

I Could Smell The Difference

Immediately after the pros at performed there mold removal service, I could smell the difference in the way my home smelled. What I a had always put off as the typical smell of my home was nothing like how my home smelled after the service, especially in the basement. The damp and wet odor that I and the rest of my family had become accustomed to was now gone. My basement and the rest of my home now had a fresh, clean and vibrant smell and that was only the beginning.

Increased Vitality And Better Health

My family and I started noticing changes in the air quality and our health a few days after the initial mold removal. The smell was the first thing to change, but within a few days, we all began to notice that there was less coughing, sniffling, and wheezing going on around the house. My wife who was almost always tired and having sinus difficulties soon found that she no longer needed nasal decongestants and was having energy. In fact, everyone in the family found themselves with more energy and sleeping better. SCS had wiped out the mold and given us all a breath of fresh air.

Why I Recommend Safety Coordination Services For Mold Removal

Safety Coordination Services has years of experience in identifying and removing mold from homes and buildings. They understand at SCS that the key to controlling the growth of mold and stopping its debilitating spores is by controlling moisture build-up. Since mold is extremely reliant on moisture, identifying sources of moisture such as leaks in roofs, walls, and pipes is the first step to eliminating it and preventing further growth. Safety Coordination Services have the experience, knowledge, and skill to identify problems with mold and offer the best solutions to eliminate any mold growth that has already occurred and how to prevent further growth in the future.