Review of Suttle Recreation Playground Equipments Vancouver BC

As a Vancouver school principal, I recently ordered playground equipment from Suttle Recreation. My choice was based on the company’s reputation, its 28 years of experience and the recommendations of the Vancouver teachers under my supervision. My teachers and I spent a great deal of time looking into the websites as well as print catalogs of playground equipment providers.

Suttle Recreation can be found here:

Suttle Recreation Playground Equipments Vancouver BC – Design & Build Habitat for Kids
5550 Hastings Street, Suite 1, Burnaby, BC V5B 1R3
(604) 293-1569

In the end, and after doing extensive research and product comparisons, we all settled for Suttle Recreation as a unanimous decision. Still, the faculty had to ask itself, what if we were wrong? The resounding answer was that we could always return the playground equipment or request a replacement with nothing to lose. After all, Suttle Recreation at has such a generous return policy.

We were rather impressed with the Suttle Recreation team’s presentation to our Vancouver school. Many of the children stood wide-eyed as the animated video presentation commenced, followed by a presentation of the chosen playground equipment in a miniature version, and the snacks that ensued. Before the faculty’s collective decision, parents had been sending us letters advising us that our playground facilities needed some updating.

Some playground equipment had also begun to show its normal wear and tear. Not one to take a chance, prudent and at the same time, intuitive school administration dictated that it acted in concert to device a plan. Accordingly, the faculty moved as a single body driven towards the best solution.

It wasn’t long before we were unveiling the Suttle Recreation playground equipment within our Vancouver school facility. Mind you; it caused no little fanfare. The whole neighborhood surrounding our Vancouver grounds turned up in droves.

I remember that the skies were grey and everyone had his or her umbrella in tow just in case. But, alas, heaven opened up–not with rain but with bright sunshine as if to welcome our brand new playground equipment. The playground equipment that Suttle Recreation provided to us in Vancouver was like no other.

The Suttle Recreation project was customized down to the last detail with colors, shapes, and material that you’ll never find anywhere. After all, the company believed in the dictum that one size doesn’t fit all. That assumption was correct in a hundred different ways.

I believe that we have one of the most hyperactive children in our midst. Apart from the barrage of heavy rain pours, recurrent thunder and the alternating cold moments in Vancouver, there is the curious matter of boys and girls always wanting to climb the highest mountain as well as explore the deepest crannies. I must say that the pros at Vancouver BC Playground Equipment – Suttle Recreation did rise to the challenge.

To-date, no torture test could be as tortuous as the daily treatment of our student populace. Now three years and counting, satisfaction for the Suttle Recreation playground equipment remains at an all-time high. Some playground equipment had to be replaced over time due to changing color requirements from the pickiest of customers–our Vancouver studentry.

And yet amidst all these changes, the Suttle Recreation customer service team continues to be receptive to our sometimes wild ideas. In fact, team Suttle Recreation had on its own recommended some tantalizing changes in keeping with the fast technological changes in the world of recreation development and overall playground equipment satisfaction. Quality never goes out of style, or so, the Suttle Recreation dedicated sales representative would say.

Nevertheless, every year, new styles come, and there’s nothing like change to keep the studentry constantly fascinated by playground equipment that every boy and girl has grown quite attached with–that he or she calls it his or her own. Perhaps there is no compliment that can top that. Thank you, Suttle Recreation, from the bottom of our hearts.

The students’ parents send their best regards, too. Through the years, we have been sending you handwritten notes from the students’ parents as well as grandparents who themselves enjoy a perch on your swing equipment or a slide down the rabbit hole. Your playground equipment is nothing short of a marvelous rethinking of the art of play.

When other suppliers would have given up on our Vancouver school, you at Suttle Recreation never gave up on the partnership. Your enduring patience will never be forgotten and rest assured, myself and the rest of the faculty will always be knocking on your door for ideas fresh from your playground equipment factory. It simply never ceases to amaze.