My Review of Reliance HVAC Edmonton Installation Services

Reliance HVAC Edmonton provides an exceptional service that meets and exceeds customer expectations. I can recommend the firm to anyone looking to install, maintain or repair an air conditioner. The company dispatches experienced crews that are courteous and helpful. I felt comfortable asking key questions about the installation process and AC functions.

The installer carried out the installation of air conditioning equipment used for the cooling and heating of several rooms at my single-family property in Edmonton. The professionals skillfully set the equipment and accessories, installed and assembled the tubes made of copper before handling the electrical connection. After checking the conformity, Reliance Home Comfort commissioned the installation.

When installed correctly, HVAC (Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning) treats the ambient air to provide the comfort desired by the user. The comfort settings cover temperature, humidity, and air quality.


The service technician provides maintenance and troubleshooting of equipment: air conditioning units, refrigeration systems, heat pumps, cold rooms or any other device necessary for the proper functioning of energy in a building. The installer is required to perform operations in the context of safety and optimal performance, especially when handling refrigerants or during repairs on electrical equipment and pressure vessels.

Reliance Home Comfort can be assigned to handle the maintenance of a single unit or several and may have to make many trips to customer sites. The Reliance HVAC Edmonton team that installed my aircon system displayed excellent electromechanical skills and a sense of responsibility. In my view, the service technician must ensure a positive relationship with clients.

Also, there is need to demonstrate the ability to adapt to new materials and technologies. The same applies to the ability to work in sometimes uncomfortable or even risky conditions and resistance to stress, especially in emergencies.

Key considerations

An air conditioner is a device that contains a refrigerant. This fluid, which flows within the unit can be harmful. If the safety rules are not applied, this can cause a leak, a short circuit or even a fire. Hence, hiring an air conditioning specialist from Reliance The Furnace Company Edmonton is strongly recommended. DIY installation can compromise the safety and function of the entire system.

For this reason, I did not yield to the temptation to install the unit by myself. An air conditioner is a complex device that can cause serious complications if the installation is not handled properly. In less severe cases, a faulty installation may cause cold drafts, a malfunction also called Coanda effect, which occurs when the cold air is not well mixed and rises to the ceiling and goes down again.

Image of an installation by Air Conditioning Edmonton | Central Air Conditioner Rental & Sales – Reliance

Principles of a good installation

To guarantee the correct functioning of your air conditioner, it is vital even before its installation to choose the model adapted to the house (according to its size and the number of rooms). Different models exist on the market:

Mobile air conditioners (mono-blocks or big-blocks): For a reasonable budget, they refresh a room of average size. This is a good Reliance Home Comfort solution that allows occupants to spend the night in a cool room and enjoy a restful sleep. Split or multi-split air conditioners: the blocks can be installed in different rooms and connected with the exhaust block that is positioned outside on a wall or roof. This is the most common and efficient cooling mode.

Window air conditioners: they are mainly used in professional premises because they are not aesthetically pleasing. They are composed of a single block that is integrated into a window so that the system can filter the hot air. The location of an aircon always plays a key role regarding operating performance and reliability.

Fortunately, Reliance HVAC Edmonton installers understand the requirements and choose the best positioning for a unit. They are fully qualified to handle different types of air conditioners and installation settings.

The aircon should installed on a clear space to facilitate the free movement of air. It should be positioned away from sources of heat.

Thank you again to Reliance Home Comfort Edmonton for your amazing services! I will definitely recommend you to all my friends and family.

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