My Review of GJs Tree Services Maple Ridge

The place where we reside in Maple Ridge has a pretty good population of trees and bushes in the area. Since trees are great for our environment and purification of air that we breathe every day, keeping them healthy and robust is quite important for our well being and the well being of all our near and dear ones as well.

Another key benefit of having trees is that they also act as water catchment areas, which means that they play a significant role in maintaining proper water levels in the area. Not to mention the beautifying of area in their surroundings, and controlling sudden fluctuations in the weather as well.

Today we will be reviewing GJ’s Tree Services in Maple Ridge, BC:

GJ’s Tree Services
24107 McClure Dr, Maple Ridge, BC V2W 1Z3
(604) 945-2999

However, there are times when removal of certain trees also becomes a necessity due to many reasons. Sometimes trees get infected by infectious diseases, which could be harmful to other vegetation in the vicinity, and could be a real hindrance for the growth of other trees in the area. And this was the reason that made us hire the services of GJs Tree Services in the Maple Ridge area last month.

After we got in touch with GJs, their professional staff got in touch with us to fix a date for scouring the site where the infected tree was located. A couple of days later, they had arrived on time for the inspection and carried out a proper checking of the infected tree and the harm it could inflict on the surrounding bushes and trees in the area.

After going through the surrounding growth around the infected tree, they found that pulling down the trunk was not a good option for tree removal because of its height, and it could easily damage many other trees in its close vicinity.

To handle this problem more responsibly, GJ’s staff member, Gabe, came up with a painstaking solution to the problem. They decided to cut down the tree from the top of the trunk in three steps so that all the cut parts could be easily hauled by cranes without falling them on the ground. The process was slow and cumbersome, but they did manage to cut the entire trunk of the tree from the top to only a couple of inches from the ground without disturbing any vegetation in the vicinity.

Once this process was completed, they finally got on with digging the remaining trunk and its connecting roots from the ground. Since the tree was old and the roots had gone pretty deep, this process too was no easy cake by any means; but they did dig up every root from the ground till every bit of them was completely removed. Having completed the digging and rooting out the tree, their next move was treating the dug up area with a disinfectant solution to completely kill any instances of the infection that had been the nemesis of the tree at our property. After completing the disinfecting of the area, they leveled it out again by filling up the displaced soil, and also planted a sapling of a new tree in the space created after digging.

Looking at their entire process of uprooting an infected tree from my backyard, I was definitely impressed by their professionalism and their dedication to protecting the greens in the vicinity of the infected tree.

So if you ask for my opinion about GJs Tree services in Maple Ridge, I would say they are pretty good at what they do, and you should never hesitate in calling them for tree removal services in your property.