Review Of Reliance Superior Heating Air Conditioning Winnipeg

It has been years since I settled down in Winnipeg and faced no problems with the air conditioner installed in the home I purchased. However, for the past couple of months, the gadget is not working properly. It does not cool my bedroom properly. If this is not enough, the inflated power bills are killing me. I asked several of my neighbors and colleagues for leads regarding a professional company that could help me, but none of them could provide me with a suitable solution.

One of my colleagues recommended a particular company to me whose technician suggested that the fault lied in the compressor. My air conditioner worked fine for a couple of weeks after they overhauled it and replaced certain parts, and it was back to square one. On contacting the company who had fixed it, they stated that they did not offer any warranty on their services.

Find their Winnipeg location here:

Reliance Superior Heating & Air Conditioning Winnipeg
96 Terracon Pl, Winnipeg, MB R2J 4G7
(204) 813-2201


A different approach

This time I decided not to ask anybody else but search the net and find out a reliable air conditioning repairing agency in Winnipeg. Having made a list of all the top 20 companies found in the search result, I contacted each of them and requested for quotes. I shortlisted the information and requested five different agencies to send their technicians to my home, check the problem with my gadget, and provide me with quotes.

While I was impressed with all of them, only one company, Reliance Superior Heating & Air Conditioning, struck me as the one who could solve my problems. They have been in this business for half a century, which means that they have the expertise required to handle HVAC equipment efficiently.

Honesty is the best policy

Their technician told me that trying to get my old air conditioner would be a waste of time and money, as it was quite an old model and procuring original spares for the same would not be possible. The specialist told me that it would work far cheaper in getting brand new air conditioning equipment installed.

Apart from this, he also informed that Reliance offers the widest range of air cooling equipment in the Winnipeg area, and all of their quotes included free installation and free warranty for one year. He informed me that I could also opt for their annual maintenance contract once the warranty period expired.

Doubts cleared

I had fears about the dilemma I would have to face if my air conditioner malfunctioned during the weekend. The technician of Reliance informed me that they were available round the clock throughout the year. I only had to call their support staff and provide them with information about the make and model of my air conditioner and the problem and they would send a professional with the requisite part within a couple of hours along with original spares, irrespective of the time of the day.

I visited their website again and was surprised to find a wide range of air conditioners available, and selected a specific model.

Unparalleled honesty

Their technician suggested that I should not opt for that model as it had a greater cooling capacity than what my room required. I left it to him to suggest a model and to set it up soonest possible. Although their technician had assured that they offered fast service, I was surprised when he turned up four hours later with the suitable model and installed it within a couple of hours.

Extremely satisfied

I was extremely satisfied with their service as well as the honesty and dedication of their staff. It has been nearly nine months since I purchased my new air conditioner from Reliance and had not yet faced any problems. I have no hesitation in recommending Reliance Superior Heating & Air Conditioning to anyone facing problems with their existing air conditioning equipment in Winnipeg or those who want to install a new one on their premises.