Review Of Reliance Holmes Heating Cooling Ottawa Ontario

A good quality furnace is pretty handy in any home during winter months. Having a malfunctioning furnace would be the last thing you would like to have during chilling winter. There are situations when your furnace gets damaged beyond repairs. In such scenarios, it is advised to hire a professional to replace and install a new unit. It is here a reputed HVAC company such as Reliance Holmes Heating & Cooling steps in to help out. I have hired the company for installing a new furnace and am really happy with their services. The following review will explain why hiring this company is worth their expertise.

Today, we’ll be reviewing the services offered by Holmes Heating & Cooling Ottawa:

Reliance Holmes Heating and Cooling Ottawa –
1050 Baxter Rd, Ottawa, ON K2C 3P1
(613) 909-7460


Overview of their services

There are many HVAC companies, but most of them do not offer good quality services. Some companies are simply waiting to rip you financially. I was aware of this point; so, I searched online and offline before making my final decision. Some of the services of the company are as follows.


Installing a new furnace warrants expert knowledge. So I checked the professional expertise of the company. The company has knowledgeable servicemen who have many years of expertise in installing any kind of furnace. They installed a new furnace at my home within no time.

Maintenance and repairs

Besides installation, the professionals at the company can fix any issues with your HVAC devices. Whether the furnace is performing poorly or consuming too much power, just call the company. With handy tools, the servicemen will visit your place and fix the problem quickly within a matter of minutes.

The service professionals also advise you on maintaining your heating devices. This, in turn, reduces your maintenance expenses. It also lengthens the life expectancy of the unit. By keeping your furnace in good condition, you can also avoid minor repairs that could pose serious issues at a later date.


Pricing is an important factor that determines whether you should hire a particular HVAC company. Of course, you want to get the best deal for installing a furnace. While many HVAC services charge a hefty sum, Reliance Holmes Heating & Cooling, Ottawa charge reasonable fees for their expertise. The company also offers generous discounts to returning customers. By shelling out a nominal sum, you could have a new furnace installed to your fullest satisfaction.


Some HVAC companies offer good deals on furnace installation, but they do not provide good support. It is likely that you may need some help after furnace installation. You will also come across services that provide some support, but they charge extra. Reliance Holmes, on the flip side, render good quality support to customers without charging extra. I checked the support of the company by making a call. My queries were resolved within minutes as required.


Aside from pricing, I took a look at the warranty offered by the company. There is no point in hiring and paying a service again and again after installing the furnace. You need assurance that the installation process is done effectively and supported by a good warranty. In this respect, Reliance Holmes lives up to your expectations. The company offers a solid warranty on its services. If you face any issue with your newly installed furnace, you can call the company to fix the issue without paying anything until the warranty expires.


When choosing a reliable HVAC company, reviews and testimonies turn out to be extremely useful. A reputed company should be able to list out a good number of testimonies with better ratings. Whether you check online or on, the company has a big list of happy clients. The best thing is you can contact these testimonies and verify their experience with hiring Reliance Holmes.

Bottom line

The above review makes it clear that Reliance Holmes Heating & Cooling is the right choice for installing or repairing furnaces and other HVAC devices. Quality services, solid warranty, affordable pricing, better support, etc. are some of the highlighting perks of hiring this Ottawa company for furnace installation and repairs. This is why I hired them for installing my furnace. If you want to capitalize all of these benefits, call Reliance Holmes, and you will never repent on your decision.