Our Review of Ramco Foundations Repair Edmonton

We were ready to begin refinishing our basement when we first noticed that it looked like our house had some foundation issues. First, we noticed that there was some water seepage. At first, we thought that we could simply solve this issue by extending our downspouts further out into the yard, but this did not seem to help. It was a particularly wet spring, so the ground was quite saturated.

Exterior examination of our home’s foundation revealed that there were some vertical cracks. Since this definitely did not seem to be anything we could fix ourselves, we started looking for a foundation repair company. We live in Edmonton, and a few of friends and neighbors mentioned using Ramco Foundation Repairs for similar foundation repair issues. So, we gave them a call.

Their initial examination confirmed that we had foundation issues, with vertical cracks and some water seeping into our basement area. We were informed that homes built after 1970 generally have rebar within their concrete foundation, but our house was built before 1970. They explained to us that internal repairs would not likely be useful because concrete without rebar would continue to shift during frost cycles, and the interior repairs would likely fail eventually. As a result, our repairs were going to need to be made on the exterior of our home. However, they assured us that even the one larger crack in our foundation could be repaired and that our basement would be further protected in the future by an exterior membrane as part of the job.

We also had one wall that had a couple of horizontal cracks. Upon further examination, the one area of that wall had just begun to buckle slightly. It was explained to us that this could happen because of excess moisture around the house, frost cycles, and the weight of the soil pushing against the wall. Because this was caught early enough, we would fortunately not need to have the wall replaced. Instead, waterproofing performed on the exterior as part of the overall job, and some structural support on the interior would solve the problem. We were glad this was discovered before we got too far into our basement refinishing project.

We were given a free quote concerning the cost of the job, and what it was going to entail. The price seemed reasonable, and we wanted to get all repairs completed before starting any work on our basement refinishing project. They were able to get the work scheduled quickly, so we did not have to endure a long wait before they could get our foundation repaired.

We were delighted with the finished job, as well as with the professionalism of the Ramco Foundation Repair workers. The job


was finished according to the timeline we were provided, for the price that we were quoted. The work that was performed included the exterior repair of the cracks, waterproofing, and the exterior membrane. The one wall that had the horizontal cracks and slight buckling was reinforced structurally from the interior, and will now be sturdy and dependable as we work to refinish and remodel our basement area.

As part of the repair, the extreme wetness of the soil around our home was addressed. Because this could cause further problems in the future, an exterior weeping tile system was put in at the same time the foundation membrane system was installed. This will help keep water from accumulating around the foundation of our home in the future and will help to prevent further foundation issues caused by excess moisture.

Overall, we were extremely pleased with the work that was performed. We are now ready to begin our basement refinishing project, secure in the knowledge that our hard work and construction expenses will not be wasted because of foundation failure and resulting water damage. It is a good feeling to know that your home’s foundation is safe, sturdy and waterproofed. It is clear to us now why our friends and neighbors in Edmonton chose Ramco Foundation Repairs to do the job. We are sure to recommend them as well if anyone in the future asks us who to call for reliable, affordable foundation repairs and waterproofing.

Thank you so much Ramco Foundation Repair!

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