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I retained the service of Laughlin Law Company lawyers for a family court case that I was facing. I wanted to make sure that I was working with a competent team of lawyers because this was a custody case involving my ex and I knew that it could get dirty real fast, something that I did not want myself and my children to go through. When a friend of mine recommends the firm to me, I immediately set up an appointment online. Thankfully the firm has a great online booking system so getting the first step done was easy.

My first meeting with the firm was great. My first impression was that this is a firm who handles family law mediation cases on a regular basis, so I knew that I had seasoned pros working with me. I arrived at their office for my interview and was immediately met by the lawyer and associate assigned to my case. After hearing my story and reviewing my files, they gave me an initial consult to appraise me of my options and what the outlook was for a case such as mine.

Without any legal background whatsoever, I was impressed that I was able to understand what was being said so quickly. The lawyers working with me explained my options to me clearly and concisely. They were also not afraid to tell me about possible worst case scenarios, even to the point of telling me that the lawyer for the other side is also one of the best in the field so I should have my hands full. However, they assured me that despite all these, they will do all they can to resolve the complex legal issues of my case to protect my rights as a parent and that they will ensure that every available recourse will be taken in court.

My case is more complicated that other family court cases because I was involved in extensive business ventures with my ex. This obviously comes into play when planning for child support claims and other issues. My lawyers who were not specialists in financial areas of the law called for the help of finance law specialists who will be tasked with handling that side of my case. Overall, I was impressed with the well-rounded approach to my case and the way that the lawyers at Laughlin Law treated me. They were direct, honest and to the point and for someone who just wants to get all of this over with, I felt like I got just what I needed.

The team also helped me prepare for my court appearance, especially on how to answer questions on the stand and how to behave during the mediation session. They stressed the importance of attending every custody hearing and the importance of coming prepared. Thankfully, they handled the latter extremely well so that there were no surprises and I was able to answer the questions the judge threw at me pretty well.

Because of all these, I was able to achieve a settlement with the ex in terms that I saw was far more favorable for my kids and me. It was an outcome that I honestly thought was impossible to achieve until I came to this firm for help.

Overall, the Laughlin team of lawyers are really excellent at what they do, and they are great people too. You can feel that once they take you on they will have your interest as the priority from start to finish. I appreciate the honesty and openness especially when it came to telling me about my chances and other unpleasant outcomes that could happen. I also appreciate how all sides of my case were handled by experts. I received excellent assistance when it came to court appearances which is something that I did not expect for them to bother with. All these came together to achieve the right outcome, and I could not be more satisfied.

This is an affordable, accessible and excellent law firm that goes to great lengths to ensure that client’s needs are met. They are passionate about finding the right solution to the case, but they are not the average lawyer who often neglects the human side of the lawyer-client interaction. I honestly felt like I found people who were sincerely on my team when I decided to seek their help.

If you are looking for a great team of mediation lawyers in Port Coquitlam, you know how to call. Laughlin Company Lawyers are my first choice if and when the need arises in the future. Visit Laughlin Law today for all your family law needs!