Ian Tan Art Gallery Vancouver: Worth A Visit?

Vancouver has one of the major art scenes in the world, so it is hardly a surprise that it has some of the best art galleries in Canada. The Ian Tan Art Gallery is a premier art gallery and has even made it a point of becoming a fixture in the Vancouver art scene. It has a solid reputation as the place to go to see the best artists, and easily one of the best places to purchase paintings for personal galleries. All of this makes for a great little view of the Vancouver art scene, and a place that is great for anyone looking for something for their collection.

The Ian Tan gallery was established in 1999 to act as a window into the best of Vancouver art exhibits. Since then the gallery has established itself as one of the best at galleries on the west coast, competing with art galleries in San Francisco, Seattle, and even Los Angeles. This has enabled it to not only stage some of the best exhibitions in the world. Although it tends to specialize in upcoming Vancouver artists, it has featured a wide variety of artists over the years in a wide variety of different styles and media. It is one of the best galleries for those looking for something special for their walls.

While it does offer a wide variety of different services for collectors and other art lovers, the gallery is primarily an exhibition gallery. With the variety of different artists that it works with as well as its reputation, it has arguably some of the best collections available. These collections are available for viewing, even though the gallery does have its special exhibitions every so often. The gallery tends to feature the best upcoming artists, but the general collection has a wide variety of different artists covering a wide variety of genres. It is easy to get lost in the gallery even on a regular day, and it is easily time well spent.

As has been noted it is possible to purchase individual pieces for personal collections. Not only are the paintings valuable for the talent on display. But also for art investors as well as business owners looking for something for their walls. The staff is more than willing to help those looking to add some value to their collections, and are willing to handle the framing and shipping of any finds. The staff can deal with almost any need or desire of its clients and can go the extra kilometer to make sure that requests are met. After all, the gallery is interested in helping people find what they like, and they are very good at it.

These services can also be used by businesses that just want something to decorate the walls. The staff can help a business decide which paintings are best for its purposes, be it a specific artist or genre, and find paintings that fit that niche. It can also set up art rentals for those who want to shuffle the art through, mostly to avoid the same paintings on the walls. The gallery can set up an interval when to change the art around and freshen it up with some new paintings. Not only is this ideal for businesses that wish to be on the cutting edge of art, but it can also help keep the atmosphere of even more staid businesses. For businesses interested in enhancing client experiences or just looking to give their employees something different to look at, this is a great service.

The gallery also offers a variety of other services to help collectors build the best possible collection of paintings, be it as a potential investment or just because they have a favorite genre or artist. This means that the gallery has many different appraisers on the ground that look through a collection to determine not only its quality and value but also which paintings would work well within the desires and budget of the collector. Combined with a large stable of artists and its framing and shipping services this means that the Ian Tan Gallery can help your collection grow in value as well as variety.

All of this means that the Ian Tan Gallery is one of the best places in Vancouver for those who want to see some of the best art galleries Vancouver has to offer. It can also help those who want to establish their art collection. They can help select the art to ensure that it is framed and shipped safely, as well as appraise the collection. They can also help a business freshen up its atmosphere and help individual collectors with their collections. All told, this is a great gallery for those interested in artwork be it for purchase or just viewing, and they should be able to make your visit well worth the time invested.