Gold Key Benefits Group Edmonton Helped Me Get Employee Benefits!

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Running a business can be difficult enough without having to worry about all of the administrative challenges you face once you get larger. Many companies just starting out do not realize all of the hurdles that await them once they reach a certain size.

The primary thing I’m talking about is health insurance for your employees. Once you reach a certain level in business, you need to have competitive benefits to attract top talent. Not having health insurance can be a deal-killer for a lot of people. Most business owners, however, know very little about how to get started.

That’s where the Gold Key Benefits Group Edmonton comes in. They helped our business get set up with the benefits we needed to remain competitive in our industry.

A Comprehensive Extended Health Care Option

One of our employee’s primary concerns was getting insurance that was good enough to cover things they would need. Many of our employees have children and need routine checkups and other health appointments. This made getting a plan to cover these basic preventative services a must.

Many of the plans out there, however, were inadequate and would have left our people severely underinsured. There is nothing worse than paying for an expensive medical plan each month only to find out that it doesn’t even kick in when you need it to.

The professionals at the Gold Key Benefits Group in Edmonton, AB got us employee benefits that featured extended care plans. In fact, most services were covered at nearly 100%! The plans they offered can cover major medical procedures and care, semi-private hospital care, and paramedical services.

There are even options for emergency medical care coverage and a 24-hour worldwide health line that subscribers can call. Needless to say, our employees are thrilled with their new coverage. They are getting a great value for their money.

The Very Best Medical Doctors

One question we kept hearing from our people was about what kind of medical professionals were covered on the plan. Before we got signed up, some of our employees expressed concerns citing stories of other plans they had at other companies and how those plans only covered sub-par doctors at obscure institutions.

The Gold Key Benefits group representative explained to our people that they would get access to the best doctors in the world with a network of over 50,000 medical specialists. We were able to search the database for these doctors and were pleasantly surprised when we found out that these were world-renowned physicians that anyone would be lucky to have on hand.

Assistance In Navigating the Complex Medical Insurance Landscape

In my own experience with health plans, it can be incredibly confusing to navigate. This hospital is in-network, that one isn’t, this doctor is out-of-network but he’s working at a hospital that is in-network, and so on. It was like a huge maze with false doors and windows.

I was expecting more of the same with the Gold Key Benefits Group until they explained their employee assistance program. This is a revolutionary service where you can call them at any point, and they will help you work through any questions you have about coverage, network inclusion, cost of services, prescription coverage, you name it. They are like the gatekeepers with all of the answers, and you have a direct line right to their people.

Dental Coverage: Hooray!

One thing I kept encountering with many health plans I looked at for our company was that there was no dental coverage. It was always separate, or there was some other hoop to jump through to get it. We were almost at the point where we were going to offer these medical benefits without dental.

The rep at the Gold Key Benefits Group, however, said that they had dental plans that could ride right alongside our medical benefits. All we had to do was have more than three employees (which we more than qualified for), and we were in! Imagine my excitement when I sent out a mass email to our people letting them know their dental care would be covered too.

The Gold Key Group has been instrumental in helping us get set up with a great plan, and I would highly recommend them to anyone.