Review Of Coronation Cleaning Services Langley BC

Today, we’ll be reviewing the services offered by
As a professional working mother and wife, maintaining a clean house not only takes my time but it is also tedious. It can take hours to clean the house yet these little ones will take a few minutes to mess it up again. This is a struggle in most homes that have small kids, and most women will require help to clean the house, either on a daily basis or from time to time. My friend introduced me to Coronation Cleaning Services, and they have been very useful. Here is why I would recommend them for homes and offices cleaning needs.

Customised cleaning services

On the first day, we took a tour of the house and compound, and I explained the kind of cleaning services that I require. I also explained which rooms required more attention and which rooms I didn’t want them to work on. This is what they do for every client. You explain what you need, and they will customize their cleaning services without charging you extra fees.

Attention to detail

All their staff members are trained to pay attention to every little corner. They clean behind the furniture, under all items and even the hardest to reach corners are thoroughly cleaning. If you are the kind of person who requires such kind of detailed cleaning, then Coronation Cleaning Services are your best bet.


They use permanent employees for all cleaning needs. When you contract them, they ensure that the employee who cleans your home or office the first time keeps cleaning for you week in, week out. This provided me with an opportunity to bond with the employee and to ensure that they know all my requirements and preferences. I did not have to explain my needs every time which saved both of us time.

Post Construction cleaning

I wanted to move my business premises closer home so that I could keep an eye on the children throughout the day and this necessitated a remodel of my garage to office suits. After the remodel, I required post-construction thorough cleaning. Coronation Cleaning Services provided the employees, the equipment and the cleaning detergents required for specialized cleaning of different surfaces. They even helped me to arrange the furniture to suit my needs. Within a few hours, the office suite was not just clean; it was gleaming. They have also partnered with different construction companies such that they continuously leave the construction site clean and friendly every week.

Maid Services

Sometimes, your regular maid will fail to show up as a result of sickness, home emergencies and in some cases, they may quit unceremoniously. As a working parent, this presents two challenges; there is no one to look after your home or even babysit while you are working and you may have important work commitments that cannot be postponed. Therefore, you are required to look for a replacement immediately. When this happened to me, I just called Coronation Cleaning Services, and they provided a professional maid to take over.


To provide a holistic approach to cleaning, they have partnered with different specialized cleaning service providers to ensure that you get all your cleaning needs serviced under one roof. For example, when I required my carpets and rugs cleaned, their partners- Refresh Carpet Cleaning- came in and provided this specialized type of cleaning.

Other services

As I was researching about this cleaning company in Langley, I came across other services they offer. They specialize in thorough house cleaning, professional and thorough office cleaning, cleaning after home renovations, cleaning services when moving in or moving out of any type of building. Their diversified offer couple with the high quality of work makes them the go-to cleaning company and professional maid services provider in the area.

Skills, Experience, and professionalism

The company has skilled employees who have experience cleaning different types of home, offices, properties, and surfaces. They are diligent in their work and have the professionalism that is rare to find nowadays. I was amazed by their level of professionalism.

Free estimate

Coronation Cleaning Services offer free estimates to all clients. Before they send you the quote on email or if you call them, they will explain what their cleaning services cover, what other services are offered and ensure that you are on the same page.

Thank you for the awesome services you have offered me!