Cooper Roofing Vancouver: They Get My Recommendation

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When I came across a beautiful but old house that was on sale, I bought it without thinking twice owing to the fact that I have always wanted such a house. After the purchase, there were a few things that required to be changed. The roof, for example, was old and leaked in some sections. I went looking for a reliable and efficient roofing company, and this is how I came across Cooper Roofing. The roof was replaced, and the house looks more beautiful than ever. Here is why I would recommend Cooper Roofing.

Thorough Needs Analysis

When I got in touch with them, they came over to the house, and they carried out an intensive analysis of the roofing structure and the area before any recommendations were made. They explained that this was to determine the best roofing material for the house concerning the climatic and weather conditions. This prevents extreme damage that may be caused by the wind and other elements. Once we had agreed on the roofing materials and structure, they took us through the intended replacement plan highlighting the different stages, what it would take, the period of time required and the role we had to play in the whole process. This ensured that we were all on the same page before the commencement of the replacement work.

High-Quality Work And Materials

Cooper Roofs is an honest company that seeks to help the clients. As such, they offer very high-quality roofing services in Vancouver. Also, they recommend the use of high-quality roofing materials to ensure that the roof lasts longer. They also have established standards that ensure that all work is inspected upon completion. Repairs works are inspected once, minor roof replacements are examined twice, and all major jobs are inspected more than two times. They reviewed my home several times to ensure that the services offered were at par with their standards.


During handover, I was informed that my roof had a warranty period of 10 years. They also informed me of all the roofing materials that had warranties from the manufacturer. This increased my confidence in the new roof and the company. Remember that different roofing materials have different warranty periods and therefore remember to clarify this with the company.


A few years ago, my friend’s roof fell apart in the raining season, and this caused flooding that damaged all his household fixtures, furniture, and other possessions. The roofing company that was responsible denied any form of responsibility and my friend was forced to bear the cost of replacing everything alone. However, with Cooper Roofing Vancouver, you are assured that these things will not happen, but when they do, they have an extensive insurance cover that will ensure that you are compensated. This was one of the reasons I chose them over other companies in the area.

Client Testimonials

Before I hired them, I went to their website to determine what other clients had to say about them. There are numerous positive reviews on their website attesting to their professionalism, high-quality work, commitment and high work standards and ethics. This gave me confidence in their work. It also gave me a sense of security knowing that there are many clients out there who have worked with them and who are ready to recommend their services to the residents of Vancouver.

After Construction Cleanup

During and after the construction process, there was a lot of debris all over the compound. However, Cooper Roofs removed all this debris at no extra fee. This as a pleasant surprise given that most companies will leave you to clean up after them. Their professionalism is amazing.


A company that genuinely cares about their clients is willing to provide information without charging clients. This is what Cooper Roofs does through their blog. They provide tips on how to maintain the roof and other essential tips. This information goes a long way into helping clients get the best experience from their house. From this information, I was able to determine things that would have required a consultation to determine.