Review Of Canada Furnace Kelowna HVAC Company

The fluctuations in the weather conditions can be devastating especially if you do not have proper heating and cooling equipment. When the HVAC system in my home broke down, my family experienced a rough time. The children would wake up in the middle of the night asking for more blankets. I could tell my family was suffering and therefore I decided to get a permanent solution to this. I remembered the company that fixed the HVAC system in the apartment block I used to live in before I bought my house and gave them a call.

Today, I’ll be reviewing the pros at

Services offered

Canada Furnace offers HVAC system installation, repair and maintenance serviced to the people in Kelowna. This includes the installation and repair of boilers, furnaces and air conditioners. They helped me in identifying the best spare parts to use for the repair of my HVAC system which ensured that I got the best quality and best-fit products.

Highly experienced

Having been in the market for more than thirty-five years, Canada Furnace Kelowna is highly experienced for any repair works on the HVAC system. They have worked with different types of HVAC systems which enhances their understanding of the systems. They also have a wealth of experience in maintaining high indoor air quality. This high level of experience enabled them to come up with different alternatives for my situation.


After they had identified the problem, they also helped me to come up with different alternatives. For each alternative, they came up with the fees that would apply. These alternatives were not only exhaustive, but they were all very affordable and within my budget. Compared to all other times I have had to deal with HVAC repair companies, the fees were very reasonable. They have a price match guarantee that ensures that is you get a cheaper quote than what you have been given at Canada Furnace; they will match it. Besides this, there are no hidden costs and the price quoted is what I paid after the completion of the HVAC repair.

Professional employees

When I got in touch with Canada Furnace, I was handled professionally and with a lot of care. The employees not only know what they are doing, but they also ensure that as a client, you understand what needs to be done, what steps will be taken to do it and what materials will be required, if any. They also ensure that they take extra care not to destroy any fixtures, fittings, rugs, drapery and other items within your home. They also ensure that they do not make your home dirty in the course of carrying out their duties.

Timely service delivery

Given my previous experience with an HVAC company that delayed the repairs for an extended period, I was a bit skeptical when hiring another HVAC company. However, Canada Furnace proved me wrong. They exceeded my expectation and delivered a high-quality job very quickly.


It is one thing to get high-quality systems, but without proper maintenance, they do not last. Canada Furnace offered me the advice on how to maintain the HVAC system to ensure that it served me for a long period. They also availed their services and gave me a link to their website to assist in the proper maintenance of the HVAC system.

Employee training

Given the rate at which new technology is introduced in the market, it is paramount for all technicians in Kelowna to be constantly trained. Canada Furnace ensures that all their employees are highly trained to ensure that they have the latest skills in the market. This is what helped them to come up with the best solution for my problems. It also ensured that the advice they gave me was up to date and relevant to the situation at hand.

If you are looking for an HVAC company to either install or repair any HVAC system in Kelowna, Canada Furnace is the best company to carry out this job. They will not only do a great job, but they will also ensure that you get the best services.