Baum Woolger Edmonton Garage Suites: A Review

When I started my business, I would meet my clients and potential employees in shared office spaces. I then realized that this was becoming too expensive for my small business and decided to look for a long-term solution for this. After comprehensive research, I decided to convert my garage into an office suite and chose Baum Woolger Edmonton Garage Suites at for the task. Here is a review of the company and the experience I had working with them.

Customized Offerings

The company has garage suites plans that can are suitable for offices and extra residential rooms. Unlike other companies that offer you these common off-the-shelf designs, Baum Woolger Edmonton Garage Suites customize their offering to meet your specific needs. During our first meeting, we discussed in detail the type of office design that was suitable for my needs and had a tour of the garage. They then came up with a customized plan and discussed it with me. Once we settled on the office plan, they set out to remodel the garage.

High quality work, efficient and timely service delivery

From the inception stage, I could tell that the firm was keen on delivering quality work. They have trained all their professionals to ensure that they deliver the same quality of work. They employ only the best practices in the market to maintain high quality. They also ensure efficient management of the project to avoid disrupting the lives of your family for a long time. Time and other resources are managed efficiently, and any arising issues are dealt with immediately to prevent delays.


From the way, they communicated with me to how I observed them communicating amongst each other, Baum Woolger Edmonton Garage suites is keen on ensuring that everyone is on the same page. All employees working in the garage could easily provide a detailed update despite their level in the organization. This increased my trust for the company to deliver what they had promised to deliver. Besides, the company’s contact lines are manned by professional and courteous staff who will answer your questions diligently and ensure that they avail any information that you may require.

Market awareness, Expertise, and Experience

The company specializes in building, remodeling or extending properties for clients within the Edmonton region. They have deep knowledge on these are have worked with thousands of clients within the area in these three categories. The photographs on their website and social media pages depict people who have knowledge, experience, and expertise to bring your idea into life. Having worked in the Edmonton region for a while, they understand the use of different materials to suit changes in weather.

High-quality Materials

The garage was remodeled into a beautiful office space with the use of high-quality materials. The company has identified suppliers of high quality and durable materials that not only last long but also look good. You would expect them to be expensive, but they are extremely affordable. Irrespective of the building materials you would require, Baum Woolger will assist you in sourcing for superior materials.

Financial Assistance

After we had agreed on the office plan and the fees charged, the firm informed that they could arrange financial assistance if I did not have the amount to cover the remodel. They have partnered with different financial institutions to provide financial assistance through mortgages- construction and completion mortgages- to people who are either building their homes, remodeling sections of the home or extending their property to accommodate their changing needs. The financial providers will develop and customize a plan to suit your needs and financial position. These financing options are affordable and ensure that you only get the money you need for that specific project. Baum Woolger Garage Suites will ensure that you are provided with adequate assistance and support as you negotiate with the financial service provider.

Lot Subdivision

Behind my garage, there is an undeveloped section. Baum Woolger explained that they could assist me to either develop it to increase the value of the home and expand the living area or subdivide the lot and sell it to make some extra cash. Lot subdivision requires a deep understanding of the laws and regulations, the due process, the documents required, the professionals who should oversee it and many more. Without proper guidance, you can easily miss out something that may result in legal issues.

Customer Service

From constant communication to connecting you with potential financiers, their interest in ensuring a good experience for the clients is evident. During the engagement, their customer service was impeccable. The employees are friendly, polite and patience in serving clients. They exceeded my expectations. If you are looking for a firm to remodel your garage, build your home or subdivide your lot in Edmonton, I would recommend that you contact Baum Woolger Garage Suites for the best services.

Again, thank you to our friends at for helping us out. They service this large area: